Cyprus is the ultimate venue for the perfect wedding, with many people opting to marry on ‘The Island of Love'

This is mainly due to the glorious sunshine and stunning locations giving couples the chance to fulfil there dreams at affordable prices.

The average wedding in the UK cost around £18,000 the same wedding in Cyprus can cost (up to) 50% less and combining this with Villa accommodation can drastically reduce the cost.

It is perfectly legal for UK citizens to marry in Cyprus however before you can marry you must meet and produce the following requirements:

1) A ten year passport (not due to expire within 6 months).

2) You are required to be a resident in Cyprus for a minimum of three working days before your wedding day (not including weekends or bank holidays)

3) The bride and groom must both have a Single Statutory Declaration confirming that you are free to get married.

4) Birth Certificates

5) Proof of name change by deed poll, stamped and signed by a solicitor

6) Adoption Certificate if applicable

7) Copy of death certificate if applicable

8) Copy of decree absolute if applicable

Even though the legal requirements seem daunting when you arrive in Cyprus it is very straight forward.

Whether you require a small intimate wedding or a large lavish wedding, we offer many private villas to choose from. The different options of ceremonies that are available include:

1) Local town halls

2) Church/Chapel

3) At a private villa

4) On the beach

Everything you require can be arranged in Cyprus from transport to hair and beauty, cake, reception, flowers and photography. You can even buy your wedding rings as the Island is very well known for its Jewellery

For further details please visit our specialist Cyprus Wedding website at THE VILLA GROUP WEDDINGS